Library Card

Calmar Public Library does not use traditional library cards. Instead we issue patron numbers to individuals seeking to obtain permission to check out materials from the library. Each patron has their own number to use to check out materials. A single library patron number can be issued for entire households, permitting anyone in the family to check out materials; however, separate numbers can also be issued for individuals within the family desiring their own patron number. Library patron numbers are good for one year and are automatically renewed by library staff as long as the patron remains active.

Applying for a Patron Number

  • Patrons need to fill out a physical application card available at the library or the following online form to apply for a patron number.
  • An ID is not required to obtain a library patron number at Calmar Public Library.
  • There is no charge for obtaining a library patron number.
  • Children under the age of 14 must have a parent signature on the application card to obtain a library patron number.

Library Patron Number Application