Photocopies and FAXes

Calmar Public Library offers the service of photocopying and printing items on its multi-functional color copier/printer/scanner located within the library.  The copier/printer is networked to all the computers within the library thereby making it available for printing materials such as documents, informational, or recreational items from the computer, from programs such as Microsoft Word documents, the Internet, or from a personal flash drive, to the printer.  Photocopying is also available from one’s own personal documents, etc.  The multi-functional copier/printer can also perform scanning of documents, etc.  Fees for use of the machine are as follows:

  • black & white photocopies — $0.10/page
  • black & white prints as printed out by the computers — $0.10/page
  • color prints from the printer function — price based upon the amount of color per page, most generally $0.25 – $1.00/page.

There is no limit to the number of copies or prints made from the computers; however, it is preferred that the number of copies not exceed 100 per patron.  Printing of items such as wedding or party invitations which might require special attention or detail will not be permitted.  Printing or photocopying for businesses is also not permitted.

The library no longer has a FAX machine and thus cannot provide this service; however, there is a FAX machine available at the office of the City Clerk of Calmar, and faxes may be sent from there free of charge.